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Need expert assistance with engine repair in Dublin?

At Dan Daly Engines, we have a team of specialists that treat all your vehicle engine related problems with extreme care and professionalism. We deal with all types of engines, no matter what the make or model of your vehicle is. Be it a petrol engine, a light diesel engine or a heavy diesel engine, we have the experience and the required expertise to help you with each one of them.



We understand that a vehicle’s heart lies in its engine. Therefore, we identify and fix every small engine problem with perfection to help your vehicle perform its best. As a quality assurance for our services, we also offer warranties of 1 year and 6 months for private vehicles and commercial vehicles, respectively.


Our range of services for engine repair includes:

  • Installing new engines
  • Engine repair
  • Preliminary engine inspection
  • Evaluating engine noise
  • Diagnosing excessive oil consumption
  • Detecting oil pressure problems
  • Inspecting, removing, and installing engine covers
  • Engine vacuum tests
  • Cylinder power balance tests
  • Engine compression tests
  • Cylinder leakage tests

    The best part of our service is- our unique mix of quality and affordability. Besides, we are sure to win your heart with our excellent customer care practices. So, why not pay us a visit the next time your car engine gives you a trouble?


    Bad Petrol

    Over the past 12 months we noticed a unusual amount of low mileage petrol engines failing.
    We have discovered a lot of these low mileage engines are coming into us with high deposits of carbon build up on piston crown and piston rings, also on cylinder head combustion chamber. This can be due to fuel stretching or contaminated/bad fuel. 

    As a result of the carbon, (Tar like substance) the engine loses compression causing the engine to fail. 

    Possible Symptoms of bad petrol:


    ·  Loss of power
    ·  Knocking noise when on cold engine
    ·  High fuel consumption
    ·  Excessive crankcase blowback
    ·  Engine light on or flashing


    We offer a free inspection and quotation service and will help you resolve your engine issues. Where covered, we will deal directly with your insurance company to settle your claim. 


    Dan Daly engines specialises in the rebuilding of fuel damaged engines and can offer a 12 month warranty on privately owned vehicles (commercial vehicles 6 month warranty). 

    Opening Hours: Monday - Friday : 8 am - 5 pm | Saturday: 9 am -1 pm

    Phone: 01 8259427 / 01 8259626 | Email:

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    Other services we provide:


    > Cylinder Head Resurfacing
    > Engine Reconditioning
    > Engine Block Reboring
    > Blown Head Gaskets
    > Crank Shaft Grinding
    > Cylinder Head Reconditioning
    > Suppliers of Engine Parts